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nz teams - 22

#21 User is offline   Stephen Tu 

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Posted 2021-May-14, 04:27

View PostCyberyeti, on 2021-May-14, 03:45, said:

What stayman and 3 is depends on what 1N-3 is, 6 bagger inv is not impossible.

It's not impossible, but I think it's a quite inferior treatment in a 2-way stayman system. The problem is, not playing transfers, a hard hand to bid is 6+ major slam inv. It's really nice to have the old-fashioned 1nt-3M forcing and slam inv available for that. The problem is if you don't have that available, and have to go through 1nt-2d, partner bids like 2nt/3m, you bid 3h, this has to handle all your bog common gf 5 cd hearts, partner can't cooperate intelligently knowing you have 6 bagger slam try instead of the much more common weaker 5cd GF hands.

So I really recommend 2c then 3h over 2s as inv 6+, if playing 2-way stayman. (Over 1nt-2c-2d, I just invite at 2 level, saving 1nt-2c-2d-3M for 5-5 major hands which are also difficult to handle playing 2-way).

I have a partnership with an ancient partner who doesn't want to play transfers, so I have thought about/encountered these issues.

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Posted 2021-May-14, 04:46

View PostTylerE, on 2021-May-12, 12:01, said:

Change my system. Not having transfers available is nigh unplayable in anything above a novice game opp. 12-14.

Failing that... it's IMPs and we're red. Invite (at least) seems mandatory. I'd rather just shootout 3N than make a non-forcing bid.

Well, I guess Iím a novice, then.

But, as Iíve posted a long time again, playing 2D gf is best done with artificial responses.

2D. 2H denies 4 hearts.

2D 2S shows 4 H, denies 4 S

2D. 2N shows 5 C

2D. 3C shows 5 D

2D. 3D. Shows 4-4 majors

2D 3H shows 2=2=4=5, max

2D. 3S shows 2=2=5=4 max

2D 3N.shows a min 2245/2254

Over 2D. 2H, 2S asks

Over that

2N denies 4 S, now 3C asks exact shape

2D. 2H. 2S: 3C shows 4S and 4D
3D shows 4S and 4 C
And so on

As to the given hand, I donít.Ike the responding hand but weíre vul at Imps so passing 1N feels wrong.

After 2C 2S, it is useful to play that 2N doesnít deny 5 hearts. Opener should check back via 3H if accepting the invite while holding 3 hearts.
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Posted 2021-May-14, 09:29

If we have that last sentence in our agreement (long time since I played 2-way), I'm all for 2, then 2NT (if not pass). It's a great agreement, but not one I remember hearing before.
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