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Posted 2021-April-09, 15:02

I opened 2Cs 23pts, opponent overcalled 2Hs with 7pts, 6Hs in hand. Is this allowed?

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Posted 2021-April-09, 15:07

In general, yes. Regulating Authorities may have specific rules (the ACBL calls them "Convention Charts") regarding what partnership understandings are permitted, but even then a player is (usually) permitted to depart from those understandings if he wishes.
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Posted 2021-April-09, 20:48

If 2x-6 is a lower score than your slam, or if it gets partner off to a lead, or if it just takes away a "normal" 2 call (or a natural 2NT rebid by opener if partner raises to 3), isn't it the right bid, never mind the allowed one?

If that same hand would have opened 2 weak if you'd passed and partner had the 23 count, why would it not be legal to do so just because you opened?

One of the reasons newer players open 2 with lots of tricks and no defence (not your hand, but a lot will open 2 with x AKQJTxxxx Kx x "because I'm one trick from game") is because their newer opponents are scared into passing, even with hands they should compete, or preempt with. Those same players get into a more experienced game, and it goes 2-2-p-4 and they don't know what to do - and neither does their partner. And it might be that 4, or even 6, makes!

The more you play, the more you'll see people interfere over your strong auctions - if you switch to a Strong 1 system like Precision, you'll see it about half the time. They do it because it makes your life harder. Get used to it, punish them when it's wrong, deal with it when it's right, and maybe start doing it to your opponents if you have the right hand for it.

A standard defence to this is "pass shows values (an Ace or a King or 6+HCP, in my area), (re)double is a weak hand (note: partner might decide to pass!)". At least you get in your game force for when fourth hand pushes the preempt.
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Posted 2021-April-10, 13:53

View PostBigtree4, on 2021-April-09, 15:02, said:

I opened 2Cs 23pts, opponent overcalled 2Hs with 7pts, 6Hs in hand. Is this allowed?

At favorable vulnerability, it might well be well be 0 HCP and xxxxxx. Perfectly legal,and can be sound strategy, especially against players who don't know how to cope with intervention Learning how to cope with intervention is much more important to your bridge education than learning the latest and greatest convention.

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Posted 2021-April-12, 17:49

yes bidding over two clubs is just bridge.
so you need to come up with what
suit bids mean over competition and really important what double and pass mean

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