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experienced players leaving table during play

#1 User is offline   scudthedog 

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Posted 2021-March-03, 17:28

Several times I've had an experienced player as a partner, putting me into an ambitious game call then leaving when they see distribution will stop game result.
If I then leave the table this shows up on my profile.

#2 User is offline   jillybean 

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Posted 2021-March-03, 17:44

Yes, it is very frustrating when a partner puts you in an impossible contract and then quits the table. Play the hand out, don't worry about the BBO score.
Beware, an "experienced" BBO player either in self ranking or number of logins has little relation to their actual skill level. In fact you may find the skill level decreases as their self ranking increases.

The only way to avoid this is to accumulate a friends list of decent BBO players and play with players you know.
Searching for your own mistakes is the only way to learn this game. - Fluffy

And no matter what methods you play, it is essential, for anyone aspiring to learn to be a good player, to learn the importance of bidding shape properly. - MikeH

SLOW DOWN! This is not a speedball :)

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Posted 2021-March-14, 09:24

I agree with jillybean, not right to leave yourself, that's unfair on the other people at the table. And the fact that your "partner" has left means that the chances that your next partner will be a buffoon is reduced by 1!

#4 User is offline   thepossum 

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Posted 2021-March-15, 00:40

I once left the table mid hand because an experienced player abused me part way through my declared despite the fact I was on course to make a difficult game and good IMPs for said experienced partner :)

Seriously I dropped into a table of more advanced players, first hand nervous as anything etc In those situations the adrenaline kicks in and I seem to be able to play at a different level :)

I cant remember which of us pushed to the ambitious game (its a team effort) - but its good having a partner who takes risks like me - despite the fact they thought I would stuff it up :)

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