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Useful abbreviations wdp etc where do I find the bridge shorthand?

#1 User is offline   mary k2 

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Posted 2007-March-01, 20:01

i wnat to learn the bridge shorthand codes when chatting - where can I find them?

(edited title to make it easier to search)

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#2 Guest_Jlall_*

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Posted 2007-March-01, 20:48


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Posted 2007-March-01, 21:09

Welcome Mary, I am sure some of us can reconstuct the abbreviations for you.

gl = good luck
glp = good luck partner
ty = thank you
typ = thank you partner
wdo = well done opponents
lol = laugh out loud
rofl = roll on floor laughing

others will add more. Come back often!

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Posted 2007-March-02, 01:07

Online Chat abbreviations

=): A smiley face turned sideways.

=(: A sad face turned sideways.

121: one to one

AFAIK: as far as I know

AFK: away from keyboard

ASAP: as soon as possible

A/S/L?: age, sex, location

B4: before

B4N: bye for now

BAK: back at the keyboard

BBN:  bye bye now

BFN: bye for now

BRB: be right back

BTW: by the way

CU: see you

CUL or CUL8ER: see you later

CUZ: because

F2F: face to face

FAQ: frequently asked question(s)

FC fingers crossed

FWIW: for what it’s worth

FYI: for your information

GA: go ahead

GTG: Got to Go.

IAC: in any case

IC: I see

IDK: I don’t know

IIRC: if I remember correctly

ILU: I love you

IM: instant message

IMHO: in my humble opinion

IMing: chatting with someone online

IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion

IMO: in my opinion

JK: just kidding

K: okay

KIT: keep in touch

LOL: 1. Laughing out loud. 2. Little Old Lady.

L8R: later

M/F: male or female

MSG: message

N/P: no problem

OIC: oh I see

OMG: oh my god

OTOH: on the other hand

PLZ: please

PM: private message

ROFL: rolling on the floor laughing

SUP or WU: what’s up

THX: Thanks

TX: Thanks.

TU: thank you

UW: you’re welcome

WB: welcome back

WTG: Way to go!

WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get

Online Bridge abbreviations

2/1 : 1. Two-over-one response (e.g. 1H : 2C). 2. Abbreviation for the 2/1 Game Force bidding system, in which a two-over-one response (with the exception of responses to 1NT) is forcing to game. Some 2/1 players, though, use a few exceptions to the game-forcing policy.)

3rd/5th -- Third and fifth leads.

0314: Roman Key Card Blackwood 0314. (In response to a 4NT key card ask, 5C shows 0 or 3 key cards and 5D shows 1 or 4.)

1430: Roman Key Card Blackwood 1430. (In response to a 4NT key card ask,  5C shows 1 or 4 key cards and 5D shows 0 or 3.)

4SF / FSF: Fourth Suit Forcing.

AC: Appeals committee

ACBL: American Contract Bridge League

Acol: a popular British system based on simple, natural bidding, four-card majors, weak or
      split notrump openings.

Acol two-bid: a strong (forcing) opening bid suggesting distributional strength

Adv: Advanced.

Advanced: In reference to a player who frequently plays in regional or national tournaments and is comfortable with advanced playing techniques such as endplays, mandatory falsecards and 
basic types of squeezes.

AI: Authorised information

BAL: Balanced hand

BBO : Bridge Base Online - Online Bridge Gaming site

Beg: Beginner.

Beginner: Player who has just taken up the game.

BIT: Break in Tempo

BLML: Bridge-laws mailing list

Capp: Cappelletti. A convention played over Opponents 1NT opening.

CC: Convention Card.

CHO: Centre Hand Opponent [ie partner]

CoC: Conditions of contest

CPU: Concealed partnership understanding

CTD: Chief Tournament director

DONT: A convention played over Opponents 1NT opening. Abbreviation for "Disturb Opponent's NT opening"

EBL: Acronym for European Bridge League (federation).

Exp: 1. Expert. 2. Experienced.

Expert: Player who has represented his country in an international event, or won a national event, or has frequently won regional events.

Friends List: List of friends whose whereabouts are tracked by the Game server.

F2F: Face-to-face [to distinguish from Online bridge]

FSF/ 4SF : 4th suit forcing to Game

GCC: General Convention Chart [ACBL]

GF: Game Force

GL: Good luck.

GLP: Good luck, partner.

HUM: Highly Unusual Method

Int: Intermediate.

Intermediate: Frequent club player who has developed, and is familiar with, a personal convention card.

Inv: Invitational hand.

Invm: Inverted minors.

J2N: Jacoby 2NT.

JXF: Jacoby transfers.

LA: Logical alternative

Leb: Lebensohl.

LHO: Left Hand Opponent

LOTT: Law of Total Tricks.

m: minor as in 3m = 3 of a minor

M: Major as in 3M = 3 of a Major

MSS: Minor Suit Stayman.

NegX: Negative Double.

NF: Non Forcing

NH: Nice Hand

Nov: Novice.

Novice: Player who has recently learned to play bridge and may have played in a few duplicates. Familiar with basic concepts such as Stayman, Blackwood, cue bids and finessing.

NMF : New minor force. After the auction 1m - 1M: 1NT - 2nm ( new minor) is either invitational or forcing to game, depending on bidding methods.

NPP: No problem, Partner

NTO: Nice Try, Opponent

NTP: Nice Try, Partner

O/E: Odd/Even Discards. a defensive signaling method in which odd-numbered cards (the three, the five, etc.) are encouraging,the even-numbered ones are discouraging and may
have suit-preference implications.

Opp: Opponent.

Opps: Opponents.

Pd: Partner.

Pard: Partner.

Re: Rehi.

Rehi: Hello again. (Used when a player loses his connection to a table and rejoins.)

RespX: Responsive Double.

Rev: Reverse as in Reverse Bergen, Reverse Drury

RGB: [newsgroup]

RHO: Right Hand Opponent

RKC: Roman Key Card Blackwood.

RONF: Raise Only Non Force. [Usage: Usually applied as a summary of methods for responding to a weak two-bid.]

SAYC: Standard American Yellow Card (Bidding System).

SJS: Strong Jump Shifts.

SO: Sponsoring organisation

Spec: 1. Spectate; kibitz. 2. One who spectates; kibitzer.

Spl: Splinters.

Stats: Player information sheet (or Players profile giving information on what system they play).

Std : Standard, as in Standard form of carding as opposed to UDCA carding ( Upside down  carding for count & attitude)

SupX: Support Double.

TD: Tournament director

TXF: Texas transfers.

TU: Thank you.

TUP: Thank you, partner.

TY: Thank you.

TYP: Thank you, partner.

UI: Unauthorized Information. Knowledge that a player is not entitled to use ( as, for example, that obtained through partner's uneven tempo).

U2N: Unusual 2NT.

UDCA: Upside Down Count and Attitude. As opposed to Std. carding  (High  for encouragement  & Even cards & low for discouragement & odd no. of cards)

Ur: Your.

WD: Well done.

WDO: Well Done, Opponents

WDP: Well done, partner.

WJO: Weak Jump Overcall.

WJS: Weak Jump Shift.

WPP: Well played partner

WJS: Weak Jump Shifts.

WBF: World Bridge Federation

WBFLC: WBF Laws Committee

Xfer: Transfer

ZO: Zonal organisation

ZT: Zero Tolerance [for unacceptable behaviour]
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Posted 2007-March-02, 03:52

wb = welcome back (usually when one player disconnected)
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#6 User is offline   Tola18 

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Posted 2009-December-26, 02:12

xD seems to be used as a broad smile.

Lefty = left hand opponent
Righty = right hand opponent

advancer= "opener" errata: its answerer to a TakeOut doubler or Overcaller...
responder = "answerer" this helps discussing bids in a sequence.

palookas = not so good players
BBO-expert = not real expert calling himself for expert. Quite common on BBO! May although be a decent player anyway.

Star-players = players with a star on. That is players who did represented their country at least once. The field is thus quite uneven: Many are renowned international grandmasters = real worldclass. Some are teenagers who played a couple of times in youth tounaments representing their country there. Many are in-between.
All in all: all these are surely better than the average "bbo-expert", but not necessarily World Champions everyone of them! :)

Spec = spectators, sometimes may be interpreted as specialist if talked about Vugraph audience sending useful comments to a commentator.
Kibitz = spectator. A kibitz in the tradition has some rights to give comments and advices.... To kibitz = too look on etc.
Balcony = the spectators, onlookers. In loadable BBO they are in that corner=balcony.
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Posted 2009-December-26, 03:17

spwdo=sorry partner well done opps , its trademark
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Posted 2009-December-26, 10:55

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Posted 2010-January-18, 04:56

A couple of abbreviations, used on this forum, that caused me to pause and scratch my head:

ainec   "and it's not even close"

ATB    "Assign the blame"
Peter . . . . AKQ . . . . K = 3 points = 1 trick
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Posted 2010-January-18, 04:57

some of them you will find on :(
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#11 User is offline   matmat 

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Posted 2010-January-18, 09:36


#12 User is offline   Ant590 

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Posted 2010-January-18, 10:01

Tola18, on Dec 26 2009, 09:12 AM, said:

advancer= "opener"
responder = "answerer" this helps discussing bids in a sequence.

Just noticed this post from December.

"advancer" is the partner of overcaller.
"responder" is the partner of the opener

#13 User is offline   gwnn 

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Posted 2010-January-18, 11:26

advancer could also be the partner of the player who made a takeout double.
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#14 User is offline   A2003 

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Posted 2010-January-18, 21:53

What is PIN in the profile?

#15 User is offline   psyck 

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Posted 2010-January-21, 07:30

DAB: Directional Asking Bid. Generally a cue to elicit an NT bid by pd.
DEPO: Double Even, Pass Odd. Response to RKCB after intervention beyond 5 of agreed suit.
DHCP: Total High Card Points (with Distribution)
DSIP: Do Something Intelligent Partner
EKC: Exclusion Key Card Blackwood
FR: Fit Raise
GT: Game Try (bid Game & Try to make it, don’t invite)
HSGT: Help Suit Game Try
NV: Non Vulnerable (does not equal invulnerable)
P: Pass
P/C: Pass/Correct
QNT: Quantitative
SA TXF: South African Texas Transfer
SSGT: Short Suit Game Try
ST: Slam Try (bid Slam & Try to make it, don’t invite)
T/O: Takeout
Vul: Vulnerable
X: Double
XX: Redouble
XXX: <the rest of this thread has been censored...>
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Posted 2010-January-21, 22:36

A2003, on Jan 18 2010, 11:53 PM, said:

What is PIN in the profile?

"Pin" means to keep the profile displayed until closed, from "pinning" it on a physical bulletin board with a straight pin or thumbtack.


#17 User is offline   pirate22 

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Posted 2010-February-02, 05:18

GLP= get lost partner :):)

#18 User is offline   slothy 

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Posted 2010-April-02, 10:55

abbreviated prethought when partner goes red

pdcbp - 'Please Don't Come Back, Partner'

abbreviated postthought when partner has stopped being red

if not preceded with prethought

wbp - welcome back partner

if preceded with prethought

cwta - cant win them all
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Posted 2010-June-10, 10:12

<_< wtf = as in wtf was that all about?

#20 User is offline   bridgecat2 

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Posted 2010-July-29, 09:03

How do I use the card symbols in a chat ???? what are the short cuts ???

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